Your children’s first day of school went well, under a beautiful summer weather… but Fall is already coming!

New season means new clothes for the kids. Fortunately, Laurier West Avenue has a wide variety of fashion boutiques for your children, whether they are young or old.

Discover or rediscover good places to dress them with style, from head to toe!

Founded by two fashion-conscious moms, Billie le kid is the little sister of Billie boutique. Located at 1012 Laurier West Avenue, it stands out for its vast choice of brands available as well as its originality. If you are looking for quality clothing for all types of occasions, this is the right place! Also, their new online shop is now open!

Attracted by a more classic and timeless style? The Jacadi Paris boutique, a brand that has existed since 1976, perpetuates French tradition… and all the collections are created in the Parisian workshops. Located at 1090 Laurier West Avenue, you will also find shoes and birth gifts.

Your child has not found the right shoes yet and need rain boots or comfortable shoes for fall season? Piétine store, located at 111 Querbes Avenue, offers a wide choice of quality, lightweight, flexible and easy to put on shoes since 1985!

Finally, since there is no age to wear glasses and because they are as styling as practical, Optical Center Montreal – Laurier will make sure that your child enjoys wearing his new glasses every day! If you are looking for them, they are located at 97-99 Laurier West Avenue.