Argent Tonic

Argent Tonic is a real jewelry bar!

There are different collections of rings, necklaces and exclusive earrings. Each jewelry is designed and handcrafted by the shop owner, Aaron Maya. It is with a great attention to detail and an unlimited passion for jewelry that Aaron Maya creates unusual jewelry. Moreover, the reputation of the brand is growing and shine. Aaron likes to receive his customers in a warm and welcoming environment, hence the name “Bar à bijoux”: A glass of fine water with bubbles in hand, leaving you the time and leisure to admire his creations!

Business hours
Lundi 10 H - 18 H
Mardi 10 H - 18 H
Mercredi 10 H - 18 H
Jeudi 10 H - 19 H
Vendredi 10 H - 19 H
Samedi 10 H - 17 H
Dimanche 11 H - 17 H

The opening hours are given as an indication. We recommend that you check with the merchant before traveling.

  • 14 to 24 December 2018
    Noël sur Laurier Ouest

    C’est Noël sur Laurier Ouest !

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    Une Saint-Valentin raffinée avec l’Avenue Laurier Ouest

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