New digital guide Destination Laurier Ouest

On June 4, SDC Laurier Ouest invited members of Clefs d’Or Montréal, Tourisme Montréal, PME MTL, Chambre de commerce de Montréal Centre Sud Ouest and several other key partners to celebrate the avenue’s commercial vitality with the launch of the all-new Destination Laurier Ouest digital guide by The Main and Paprika.

The event

We brought together our members, businesses and SMEs with key players in the metropolis to showcase the strength and beauty of Laurier Ouest in the elegant setting of the Fiorellino restaurant.


We’d like to extend our warmest thanks to all the merchants who contributed to the evening, handing out over $5,000 worth of gifts to our distinguished guests!

Blending the high echelons of Montreal culture with bohemian lotus-eating, Laurier West is a rare gem of a street in Montreal.

So we went up and down its short sprawl to give you a look into its highlights.

Small but mighty, if you walk along its stretch that as many as 45,000 residents call home, one finds over 100 boutiques, over 30 restaurants and bars, and timeless moments of art and festivities to explore.

You’ve got reveling in the lap of luxury; spontaneous and unexpected moments of artistry; exploring a bazaar’s worth of curated collections of fashion; high-class destinations for dining; and plenty of spots just as good for natty wines and caviar bumps as you do for tavern day drinking and nightclub grinding.

Daniel Bromberg