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Ça va de soi

Since 1972, ça va de soi has taken the time to make knits part of our very nature. We’ve taken the time to choose our fibres carefully: the finest soft and warm wools from faraway lands, and the rarest Egyptian cottons that bear the name of the soil that witnessed them grow. We’ve taken the time to meet master spinners from Italy—the best in the world—who give body, elegance and colour to the raw materials. The time to do things well and to pay attention to the imperceptible details that transform clothing from simple to unique. The time to observe how women move, so that we can create pieces that travel with them from morning to night and eliminate the boundaries between seasons, eras and generations. For several years, ça va de soi founders Antoine Nasri and Odile Bougain have also taken the time to pass their unique know-how on to their children, turning knitwear into a wonderful family affair.

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